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Has someone backed out of business deal, leaving you in the lurch? Has a contractor underdelivered on their services? Marc M. Coupey Law, PLLC located in Millwood, New York will take on any type of business dispute law issue. No matter what your industry is or what your company does, we’re here to stand up for your rights. Work with a dedicated business dispute attorney in Millwood, New York that works throughout the greater New York area by calling (914) 246-5034 now.

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Should You Contact a Business Dispute Attorney?

If anyone owes your company money or services, Marc M. Coupey Law, PLLC can help. Business dispute law covers disagreements regarding:

  • Contracts

  • Payments

  • Construction

Breaches of contract can end up costing you money and throwing your project off track.If a contractor, employee or client fails to abide by the terms of your contract, contact a business dispute attorney today.