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Practice Areas

Commercial Litigation

Marc can help you get through any legal issues involving your company and work toward a fair and satisfying resolution.

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Contract Disputes

When your business is tangled up in a dispute with another party, Marc can help you take legal action.

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Real Estate Litigation

If a developer or broker has made a mistake that has cost you money, I will work hard to help you make things right.

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Contract Agreements

Marc can help you position your company for future success by making sure your business agreements are in order.

Construction Disputes

When it comes to code violations, property disputes, or other construction issues, Marc will guide you toward an efficient resolution.

Commercial Property Damage

Marc can assist you in seeking fair compensation to cover for any damages to your property.


Use Marc's extensive experience to provide reliable guidance through the complicated process of commercial leasing agreements.


Protecting your commercial property from foreclosure is important to the future of your company. Allow Marc to explain your options.