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Real estate is always a major investment, whether you're putting your savings into a home or building a commercial property. Unfortunately, real estate brokers can make mistakes that end up costing you money. Developers and contractors can take shortcuts, resulting in low-quality or dangerous buildings. Marc M. Coupey Law, PLLC offers real estate litigation services in the Millwood, NY area. We'll fight for your best interests both in and out of court. Learn more about real estate litigation in the greater New York area by calling (914) 246-5034 ASAP.

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Marc M. Coupey Law, PLLC handles all forms of real estate disputes. Some of the most common types of real estate litigation include:

  • Misrepresentation of real estate-a broker misstates vital information, influencing your decision

  • Non-disclosure of defects-a seller fails to disclose structural problems and other defects to you

  • Zoning disputes-your home or building is too close to a different zoning area

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