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"I retained Marc to assist in the recovery of some funds. Because of the specific circumstances, the only avenue available to me was a civil recovery action. Marc was highly effective in obtaining an agreeable settlement with the other party. Marc was highly professional in dealing with a thoroughly non-professional opponent." - Scott

"Marc was very attentive and capable of handling a hand full of matters for me and my business. He successfully guided us through the intricacies of New York state litigation practice in areas of partnership law as well as banking and finance matters. In addition to being highly organized, Marc drafting ability impressed me (as a client) and more importantly, the Judges who read his filings." - Anonymous

"My late son Victor hired Marc to resolve a domestic dispute. I employed Marc to safeguard his insurance distribution and then setting up a trust. A was done to my satisfaction." - Clement

My issue was regarding bank fraud, specifically, my personal home computer was hacked on March 3, 2016, and funds were stolen using my IP address. My bank would not honor the claim because they said the transaction was authorized by me, which is was untrue. I consulted Marc M. Coupey, Esq. several times about this matter and he advised me, step by step, how to proceed.

Finally, after many bank investigations and denials of repeated claim submissions, the bank reimbursed me the full amount of the claim. My appreciation to Marc for his patience, generosity of his time, availability, and interest in my case. - Anonymous